David Axe

David Axe

Monger by David Axe

WriteMovies Horror Award and Fall 2019 Screenwriting Contest – Winner

With an unconventional structure weaving reality, hallucination and memory, MONGER boasts a strong female lead, a unique and terrifying monster that is both beautiful and grotesque, and a visually-striking desert setting.

Two ex-U.S. Army soldiers, both veterans of brutal combat in Afghanistan, trek into the American wilderness hoping to bond, do some psychedelic drugs, and work through the trauma of their last deployment.

But something follows them: a monster that’s a manifestation of their survivors’ guilt and PTSD. As it seems to close in, the ex-soldiers – one a female officer, the other an Afghan-Muslim linguist – at first believe it’s a shared hallucination.

But the monster is all too real. Now the former soldiers must call upon all their ingenuity, courage and experience to survive the creature’s assaults.

Defeating the monster means first understanding it, though – and confronting their own responsibility for the trauma that spawned it…

MONGER is an austere, character-driven horror movie about war, love, friendship, trauma, guilt and self-forgiveness. And monsters.

Some wars never end…

About David Axe

MONGER writer David Axe is a filmmaker and journalist living in Columbia, South Carolina. The author of several graphic novels, he also wrote the 2017 indie thriller THE THETA GIRL and has written and directed several short and feature films including SHED (2019) and LECTION (2020).

A long-time former war correspondent for Wired and The Village Voice, David drew on his own combat experiences to give MONGER authenticity and emotional intensity.