Louise Geraghty

Louise Geraghty

Do You Take… by Louise Geraghty

WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020 – Winner

Full of genuine laughs and heartfelt romantic moments, a rom-com that truly stands out from the crowd and is set in stunning locations. A fairy god-café cheering squad, a gay sister who gets her own happy-ever-after, and a hilarious loop-the-loop chase to the airport that turns a cliché on its head .

AISLING has worked hard to rise up from a financially unstable childhood. Now she is a successful accountant and engaged to a man she adores, only for her fiancé CARL to get cold feet just 18 days before the wedding.

When he proposes a week apart to test their commitment, the devastated Aisling is whisked away to Italy by her sister to wait out the week. There she has a chaste but undeniably romantic connection with LEO, who gave up a law career to pursue his dream of being a saxophone player.

Back in Ireland, Carl has come to his senses and the wedding is back on, much to Aisling’s relief and delight. But then, three days before the ceremony, Leo arrives to declare his undying love.

Aisling is torn between two men she truly loves. One a prince of industry, the other a wandering minstrel. Which one of them, and the life they offer, is her real fairy-tale ending?

Two Prince Charmings. Only one Mr. Right.

About Louise Geraghty

As a native of Dublin, Ireland, Louise was raised in a nation of storytellers. Time spent living and working in England, Belgium and Denmark showed her that good stories travel everywhere, and a degree in Film and a training in Improv honed herskills. As did writing comedy, comedy-drama and animation scripts for production companies in Ireland, Europe and Australia.

Hergo-to themes are Loyalty and Betrayal, and they are rich seams for mining in several genres. As well as romantic-comedy, she writes feature-length thrillers and currently has a comedy-drama TV series in development with a production company in Ireland.