Vanisha Renée Pierce

Vanisha Renée Pierce

Ezekiel by Vanisha Renée Pierce

WriteMovies Sci-Fi & Fantasy Award and Spring 2021 Screenwriting Contest – Winner

Layered with the elements of gritty crime drama, epic fantasy, and sci-fi horror thrills, EZEKIEL is a wild ride to the end of a young girl’s sanity as she struggles with an impossible choice: to keep one step ahead of a war… or to be consumed by it.

Year 2155. Humans have rediscovered the lost art of Alchemy. But where some discover… others take. Now mankind is fractured into two opposing classes: Civilians vs Azures. Civic Alchemists vs. Azure Alchemists. A shaky truce is all that stands between the two worlds and an inevitable war.

Magical powers, mythical creatures, Guilds, Royal Houses, and the alchemical arts all collide with the Black urban street smarts of a young gunrunner determined to make her way, even as an alchemic apartheid threatens to swallow her whole.

Caught between the Civilians and the Azures, all EZEKIEL (ZEIKA) ANON wants is to keep her family alive. Her infamous blackmarket arms dealership was crushed by the Alchemic Order a couple years ago and she’s desperate to escape her gun running past.

But when a Civilian-born insurgency bombs an Azure summit, the truce between worlds shatters. Now war is coming, and as the lords of alchemy breach Civilian borders, Zeika finds it impossible to ignore the siren call of both her gun forge and her people…

Enter a world of alchemy, arms-dealing, and ass-kicking.

About Vanisha Renée Pierce

A shameless blerd and bookworm since the age of five, Vanisha Renée Pierce is a sci-fi and fantasy novelist and screenwriter obsessed with genre mashups, sci-fi noir, breakneck action, and TV writing.

She holds an M.S. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an MFA in Theatre Arts & Generative Dramaturgy from the University of Arizona, and is an aspiring polyglot.

She currently teaches Theatre at Democracy Prep Endurance High School in Harlem and is the mom of the most awesome little human ever. Every story she writes sits at the intersection of the BIPOC and the bleeding edge and combines the sable with sci-fi.

Her published works include The Books of Ezekiel novel series, The Camille, EverDark, and she’s currently working on the first novel of her brand new BIPOC survival horror series, Surrogate.