Neal Wiser

Neal Wiser

Frankenstein Unleashed by Neal Wiser

WriteMovies Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest –  Grand Prize Winner

A modern reimagining of the classic sci-fi novel by Mary Shelley, this TV pilot explores and expands on the themes of the original in a dystopian future…

Global pandemics designed to control the population. Biotech firms making themselves gods. Life revived and extended through endless organ transplanting and skin transplants. Replaceable faces. Undead ‘drones’ who rise again after being shot.

These are just some of the threats facing us soon in the 21st Century – COVID-19 is just a first sign of the horrors we will live to see in the years ahead. FRANKENSTEIN UNLEASHED makes them a vivid, shocking reality, lived out by their creators as they battle over the future, and soul, of the human race.

A cautionary tale of power, corruption, ambition, greed, and revenge, FRANKENSTEIN UNLEASHED is in tune with world events and the zeitgeist of the moment, yet remains a timeless story of lost love at its core.

About Neal Wiser

Neal is a TV writer of one-hour sci-fi/suspense/action dramas with depth, heart, and a touch of humor. He tells cautionary tales that are in tune with the zeitgeist and puts his characters through Hell (but they thank him later — if they survive). He also writes features, one of which is scheduled to start pre-production soon.

Professionally, he has been a PA/WA at Paramount/ABC/UPN, Assistant at ICM, and Assistant Art Director on Space Jam, and occasionally teaches Screenwriting at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

He is also a member of the ISA’s Development Slate and his short story “T Wins” was recently published in the Twin-themed anthology “The Twofer Compendium” available on Barnes & Noble online (, on Kindle and Amazon –

You can follow him on Twitter: @NealWiser