Samantha Brennan

Samantha Brennan

Higher by Samantha Brennan

WriteMovies Sci-Fi & Fantasy Award 2020 – Winner

HIGHER is a coming of age sci-fi drama in the tone of Brightburn and Super 8. It tackles serious teen themes of bullying, friendship, and coming to terms with yourself—while also providing the thrills and spectacular effects of a science-fiction epic.

Loner Max Baker bounces from school to school dealing with a learning disability, family problems, and being the target of bullies. Each day of her life seems pointless.

But when a boy falls from the sky, suddenly Max’s life gains purpose.

Max discovers strange wreckage in the woods with an alien boy inside. With the help of another outcast at school, Ty, she hides the boy and gives him the name “Roger”. The three form the strangest of friendships—and, thanks to Roger’s alien powers, a mental connection that can never be undone.

But Roger’s abilities don’t end there. As he starts to undergo monstrous transformations, Max and Ty must save him before he disappears entirely. And with an alien armada chasing Roger down, the planet is at threat too.

Max has spent her entire life fighting her own battles, but it’s now time for her to not only fight for her friends, but possibly the entire world.

To fix problems on Earth, sometimes you need friends elsewhere.

About Samantha Brennan

After graduating from the University of Tampa with a bachelor’s degree in writing and a minor in film, Samantha went on to teach English in South Korea for the past three years. While residing in Seoul, she continued to work on her passion which is screenwriting.

She has written eight feature-length screenplays and is currently writing her ninth feature. Each screenplay involves a certain “monster” in her 7 Monsters Universe.

Most of her main characters are outcast teenagers who struggle through several life dilemmas, including the “monster” within.