Johnny Gilligan

Johnny Gilligan

Revelations by Johnny Gilligan

WriteMovies Winter 2019 Screenwriting Contest – Winner

Nothing is what is seems. REVELATIONS is a serialized 1-hour grounded sci-fi drama that sees reality turned upside-down when a mysterious deep space event thrusts the International Space Station (ISS) and the astronauts on board into perious danger.

A year ago, disgraced mathematician ERIE THOMAS was fired from NASA for his part in a rocket disaster that killed four astronauts. But he is re-enlisted to help investigate when the ISS is thrown out of orbit, with his own sister – the station’s commander – in mortal danger.

He soon comes to an earth-shattering conclusion: the Speed Of Light has changed, setting in motion a series of disastrous events on Earth.

His investigation into the “How” and “Why” of this change leads to the discovery of a mysterious visor that allows him to visit a strange reality on Mars called the “BR”.

But the Erie and NASA aren’t the only ones who have a visor. The Russians also have one and are secretly sending their own candidate to the BR, serial killer MURAD ARAKAS.

Thus begins a race between the US and Russia to understand the origins of the Mars BR and how it can be used to prevent disaster on Earth.

Is the Mars BR real? Is it a glimpse of our future? Can Erie save his sister?

About Johnny Gilligan

Johnny is an Irish born Silicon Valley coder turned TV dirty cop turned grounded sci-fi screenwriter.

He grew up in Ireland, the proud son of a mother with a disability who herself was the daughter of an Irish cop. Johnny idolized his grandfather and wanted to follow in his footsteps, but Johnny’s father said he was too good at math to become a cop. So, Johnny became a software engineer…

Johnny absconded to Silicon Valley to be the best damn software engineer he could be. Turns out software engineering isn’t that exciting. So, Johnny became an actor…

It was as an actor that Johnny realized his dream of being a cop, albeit mainly nefarious ones. Before she passed, Johnny’s mother encouraged him to write. He did. And he loved it. So, Johnny became a screenwriter…

Now, two years later, he is a 2020 Page Semifinalist, 2020 Big Break Top 5, 2021 Cinestory 2nd Place, ISA Top 25 Screenwriters to watch in 2021 and 2021 Nicholl Fellowship 2021 Top 15%.

Armed with a tech background, his Irish heritage and criminal acting tendencies, Johnny wants to create a sci-fi crime show with leprechauns. Wait. Strike that. No leprechauns.