Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas

Desert Run by Christopher Thomas

WriteMovies Spring 2018 Screenwriting Contest – Grand Prize Winner

When the world explodes, innocence is the first to die… An oilman tries to rescue a group of orphan boys, but they are forced into a desert escape and a fiery face-off with Nazi troops.

In early 1942 the NAZI WAR MACHINE grinds across North Africa. The British are faltering. They need fuel. But the Nazis need it worse. MICHAEL QUINN controls the Saudi Arabian oil fields and an unlimited flow of fuel. It’s intended for the British but NAZI LIEUTENANT GENERAL HANS GERHARDT will stop at nothing to get his hands on it.

QUINN is a hardened oil explorer. But as tough and faithless as he is, he will not allow Gerhardt to murder a hostaged team of orphaned boys. So, with Gerhardt at their back, Michael leads his crew into his desert world.

But the desert is a unforgiving sanctuary. It strips away delusions and destroys faith. Survivors no longer fear death. And at the last battle when Quinn and the boys face Gerhardt and his killing machine, the desert’s power rises, its denizens gather and the boys prove themselves.

About Christopher Thomas

As a little girl growing up in Saudi Arabia, Christopher was aware that she was surrounded by stories of epic proportions. History was happening everywhere and it gave her a particularly urgent perspective on humans, their conditions and their resilience that continues to feed her screenwriting.

When she’s not mired in some dark and dire world she’s created, Christopher is a creative writing instructor and a writer/designer of educational material based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She’s also the Director and Lead Instructor for the Boulder Writing Studio’s Summer Creative Writing Camp series in Boulder, Colorado and serves on the Board of Directors.

Prior to that she spent over 20 years as a senior level creative in the fields of animation, broadcast advertising, media design and film/video production. She has an MA in Educational Design E-learning from the University of Colorado Denver.